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Eine Wortwolke mit dem Wort „Familie“ in zahlreichen Sprachen.

The Berlin Family Portal is a German-language website. However, you can have the content of this site translated into numerous languages using various free online tools. Please note the privacy statements of the providers. The Berlin Family Portal accepts no liability for the accuracy of external translations.

Translations with Google Translate

Google's free tool allows you to quickly translate our content. Simply click on your language (a new browser window will open). Google Translate translates all content on the website within a few seconds after you click on a piece of content.

You can choose further languages via the pulldown menu next to the Google logo.

Please note that if you use Google's translation function, user data will be transmitted to Google. The Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family has no influence on the use and processing of data by Google. Please also note the Google's data privacy statement.

Translations directly in your own browser

Some browsers can also help with the translation of websites. You can find all the information here, simply select your programme:

Translate individual texts with DeepL

If you would like to have individual content or documents translated into your language, you can do this with DeepL Translate. Simply enter the desired text in the left-hand field or copy the text via the clipboard into the left-hand field and have it translated into many languages.

Liability disclaimer

This website is a German-language site. The translation tools mentioned above can help you to read the contents of the Berlin Family Portal in languages other than German.

These translation tools are offered by third parties, the Berlin Family Portal assumes no responsibility for this content. We cannot guarantee the quality or error-free translations. The use of these tools is at your own risk. The Berlin Family Portal is not liable for any loss, damage or misunderstandings that may arise from the use of these tools and services to translate content and pages.

Please also note the Google's data privacy statement if you are using Google Translate.